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Horsehair is a truly amazing material. Firm and yet smooth, sturdy and yet pliable. Its smooth surface is perfect for durable horse tack and jewelery alike. Human phantasy is the only boundary in creating fantastic objects of art.

Although hitching today is mainly known from the US, its origin is found in Africa. In Botswana for example beautifully crafted baskets are still made this way. Dried grass - soaked in water to make it pliable again - is split lengthwise and then worked (hitched) around a core of twisted grass.

I love to spend my leisure time hitching. The word „addicted“ comes to mind. There are countless patterns that are just waiting to be hitched – and when you have done some of them, you start creating entirely different effects by experimenting with colors.

Please feel free to browse through the gallery where you will find items for your horse, for yourself or for your dog.

Would you like something unique for yourself ? Preferably using some tail hair from your own horse ? I look forward to hearing from you. Please use the provided form.

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