Today hitching is mainly known in the US. Nevertheless its origin is found in Africa. Beautiful baskets, in Botsuana for example, are still made this way: Dried grass - soaked in water to make it pliable again - is split lengthwise and then worked (hitched) around a core of twisted grass. 

As knitting knows only to purl and to knit, hitching knows only open hitches and closed hitches (also called uphitch and downhitch). Basically very simple. Only when you start with intricate patterns, it might get a bit tricky and become a challenge for the hitcher.

From Botsuana with hitched bracelets.


Approx. 10 horse hairs – dyed or in natural colors – are twisted into so-called pulls.

The pulls are then knotted over string which is wound around a dowel.

The finished items are either pressed or left round.

The ends and joints are then covered and decorated with knots or stitches.

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